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Hello, We are Sweeps501.

My wife and I have teamed up to sell on Ebay.

I'm Craig and my wife is Margo.

She does most of the shopping and write -ups and I do most of the shipping.

We share in the picture taking part.

 Don't ask me how I came up with the ID. Its a long story.

I have been buying and selling on Ebay since July 2002.

Margo has been helping me for the last few years.

I enjoy a good feedback rating because I want people to be happy

with what they bought.

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 I have on Ebay for sale.

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Please do not email to ask if you can buy directly.

The answer is "NO".

 Once items are posted you will have to bid. You may ask how to find

an item for sale on Ebay and I can direct you to the Item #.


Thanks for Looking

Sweeps 501

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