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How did you get started in Ebay?

Mostly as a buyer at first. We were buying our boys games for there old Nintendo 64 system.

The new games were more than we wanted to pay for in the stores.  That's when Ebay came into the picture.

(and it still is only Xbox360, Wii, PSP, you get the idea ) 

My wife joined in with me a few years ago. She likes to find terrific bargains so it was a good fit. We are not a brick and motor store, so a lot of the items we sell are one of a kind. When we find more of the same item we post them right away. We list what we sell. We do not have a stock room.


Why did you start selling?

Like most people we used to hold our annual yard/garage sale. The only problem was 80% of the stuff

 still remained in our house. How frustrating that was after spending so much time setting it up. Then

we would have to call Salvation Army and hope they would pick it up or throw the items away.

We figured that someone, somewhere, may still want some of these items. I was at the time buying on Ebay

and decided to start selling. It grew from there.


What kinds of items do you sell?

Ebay, at first, allowed us to sell a lot of different items that we would have thrown away. We have sold coats, shoes,

games, video game systems, antiques, clothing, train systems, toys and so much more. Over the last couple of years we

 have found stores that we can buy hi-quality items  for a great price and pass the savings on to Ebay customers .

These stores include  Dooney and Bourke, Gap and Coach, L.L Bean and Polo Ralph Lauren. (to name a few)



What's the condition of the items you sell? 

A lot of the Items are new (still with the tags) or gently used.


   Do You ship Internationally?

Yes,  I have shipped items to as far away as Germany, United Kingdom, Demark, Italy, Russia, Lithuania and Australia. (shipping sometimes was more than the item cost at time)

Pretty Cool...


How come you charge a handling fee?

The handling fee covers a lot of overhead costs. Some of these are ink for the printer, paper, tracking or delivery confirmation,  electricity and  the computer. International handling charges can be more to cover the expense of packaging materials, the  packaging containers, going to the Post Office and additional paperwork. Also all of the items shipped are insured. If an item is  lost or not received you will get a refund, once you have signed an affidavit confirming that you have not received the item.


What's the story behind the name, sweeps501?

OK, I'll try to make it simple. Prior to Ebay I was into sweepstaking. I would fill out 3 x 5 cards (thousands of them) and mail  them off to different sweepstakes. The kind you see in the Sunday flyers and also on the web. A lot wanted you to have a ID.  Hence "sweeps".  However, I soon found that someone else was using that ID and had to adapt. While I was thinking about a new  name I was holding a pair of 501 jeans. Now you get the idea. I put the two together, sweeps + 501. Nobody in the sweepstaking world used that ID so............. I did. I rolled it over to Ebay.


What did you win sweepstaking?

The best prize I ever received was a trip for 4 on Amtrak, anywhere Amtrak went. We ended up going to New York with my oldest boy. It was a pretty neat experience. Other wins were t-shirts, coupons for free stuff and other nick knacks.